IELTS Plus is an 8-week integrated skills course that will prepare students to excel on the IELTS Academic exam and increase their speaking confidence. This intensive program features regular testing using authentic Cambridge IELTS materials. The course will also train students in necessary English language skills such as critical thinking, debating, and discussion techniques. Training in effective test-taking strategies and techniques are key components of the course.

Unique to this program is the iTTTi Vancouver original “PLUS” feature, which is designed to help students master the speaking portion of the IELTS and increase their overall confidence in English communication. Using cutting-edge recording technology and feedback, students will receive specialized training in fluency, develop accurate pronunciation, and learn the strategies necessary to master the three interactive IELTS speaking tasks. Vocabulary will also be expanded using the Academic Word List and students will receive specialized training in higher-level grammar structures proven to increase test scores.