At iTTTi Vancouver we take pride in being the fluency specialists. We have created a series of unique courses that concentrate on oral and aural proficiency. We want to help you acheive your goal of speaking like a native English speaker. We have 3 courses in the Fluency Specialist series:: Speaking Test Master; Speaking Clinic; Speaking Clinic Intro.

Each course has at its core, the elements of mastering native speaker pronunciation, rhythm, pitch, intonation and pronunciation as well as idiomatic language. Frequent error correction and confidence building activities make these must have courses for students serious about improving their speaking skills.


Speaking Clinic Intro is for pre-intermediate and low intermediate level English language learners. At this point in their language development, students understand the basics of English and are able to communicate in limited sentences, use some connecting words, converse on familiar topics, ask for clarification, and have a good grasp of common, everyday vocabulary. The difficulty for many language learners at this point is that their reading, writing, and grammatical skills are stronger than their verbal and listening skills. They often still translate directly from their first language before speaking, thereby limiting their fluency. These students also often are more comfortable listening for individual meaning rather than meaning as a whole and have difficulty inferring meaning from context. Many students also have difficulty differentiating formality of language and end up sounding too formal. In particular, Speaking Clinic Intro targets the difficult areas of spontaneous speech, nuance and meaning, natural sounding functional language, chunking and colloquial expressions.


The Speaking Clinic has been created for students that have mastered the basics of grammar and vocabulary and are struggling to make the leap to oral fluency in English. Differences in pitch and rhythm and difficulties with pronunciation are often barriers to being able to explain your ideas and opinions in English. This course has been specifically designed to perfect your spoken English by concentrating on overcoming whatever is standing in the way of your being able to communicate clearly and confidently. In the afternoon you may add one or two electives to create an Intensive or Super Intensive program of study. Regular practice with role play and pronunciation error correction, and the use of recording devices to check your progress will help you in your goal to sound like a native speaker of English.


Speaking Test Master is a test preparation course designed to help students conquer the speaking portion of 4 popular English proficiency exams; OPIc, TOEIC,TOEFL and IELTS. This course focuses on the essential speaking skills and test strategies that are required to achieve high oral test scores. Weekly real exam practice tests ensure familiarity and ease with both personal and professional oral communication.

This is not just a course for students wanting to take a test though. Through our innovative curriculum you will expand your vocabulary by learning academic words and key expressions for communication. You will use state-of-the-art, interactive pronunciation software in our modern computer facilities. This high-tech component includes voice analysis to identify and help correct your individual pronunciation problems. Recorded voice recognition tests allow you to instantly see your pronunciation levels and improvement, and contribute contribute to accent reduction.