At iTTTi Vancouver we offer a range of English for Career purposes courses. You may choose to study in a course that covers a wide range of fields, such as English for Interntional Business-or you may focus on English language skills related to your field of study.

Whatever you choose you can be sure that learning English in our  high quality programs is going to be a worthwhile addition to your resume.


The English for International Business Course (EIB) is a course ideal for students who need English to succeed in international business. Through materials used for the Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate) examination, students learn real life business English skills such as taking telephone messages, writing reports and handling negotiations. Monthly field trips are scheduled with Vancouver businesses.

  • Sample topics include:
  • Job training/job descriptions
  • Interview skills/resumes
  • Company Organization
  • Negotiating
  • Financing
  • Meeting Role plays
  • Social Media
  • Outsourcing
  • Business letters

Students build their confidence and fluency in using English for business in the real world.A solid skill set in English used for international business purposes is now one of the most valuable ways to increase your employability.


This course teaches the sector specific language and communication skills for use in a career in the travel, hospitality and tourism industries. The course includes a wide range of commuincative activities using interegrated language skills. You will develop language awareness through an integrated grammar and skills syllabus.Topics include:

  • Hotel branding and management
  • Advertising and website media design
  • Resort Representation
  • Event Management/Attractions
  • E-travel
  • Airport arrivals, factilities and security procedures
  • Risk and Risk Prevention
  • Quality Management/Responding to complaints

Students will perform many authentic work related tasks and build confidence through realistic case studies that reflect issues in the tourism industry today.


This course teaches the sector specific language and communication skills for a career in international marketing. Realistic speaking and writing tasks give you the chance to practice the language you learn. Authentic listening tasks allows you to hear how the language is used in context. It covers a wide range of marketing related topics such as:

•SWOT/PESTEL/Five Forces Analysis

•Branding and Market Segmentation

•Market Research and Budgets

•Product Launch Merchandising

•Exhibitions/Sponsorship/Trade Shows

•Managing Customer Relations

•Product Life Cycles/Trends

•Digital Marketing/On-line Shopping

The focus on vocabulary, phrases and grammatical structures that you need in order to use English as a markeing professional make this a valuable and stimulating course.​