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EOP/Language Proficiency

English Only Policy English Only Policy (EOP)

iTTTi Vancouver believes that the fastest most efficient way for students to quickly improve their English communication skills is by immersing themselves in an English only environment. For this reason, the school maintains a strict English Only Policy in all areas of the school. Students who have violated the policy are subject to varying degrees of penalities depending on the number of violations or circumstances connected to the violations. The penalities for the violations range from a warning, to suspension and potentially dismissal if the student's behavior cannot be corrected.

First Offence- Written Warning

Second Offence- One day suspension

Third Offence- Two day suspension

Fourth Offence- One week suspension

Continued violations above and beyond this may result in expulsion from the school.


iTTTi Vancouver Language Proficiency Assessment Policy

iTTTi Vancouver is an English as a second language training institution. As such, we recognize that the main goal of the students coming to our school is to improve their English language skills. Students enter our school at a variety of levels and abilities from absolute beginner to advanced users of English.

All students have an English language placement test on their first day at school. The purpose of this test is to assess which level or course will best meet their abilities and their language learning goals. The test consists of a written portion that checks their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic usage, and reading and writing skills. They also have an oral interview to test their listening and speaking skills.

Students participating in the General English program do not need any English language assessment prior to their arrival day at the school. Depending on the results of their first day Level Placement Test they will be able to participate in the course that best suits their abilities and goals.

Students who would like to register in advance for a particular course with an English level requirement, may request to take our Language Assessment Test in advance. The student is supplied the test along with instructions on timing and how to submit their answers. Based on the results of the test, they may be granted conditional acceptance to the course. These students will be retested on arrival, and if they have been found to have misrepresented their ability, they might not be able to take the course which they chose in advance.

In this case, they will be allowed to take another course which suits their level and goals. Students scoring 75% or higher on the multiple choice portion of the Language Assessment Test and 3 out of 5 or higher on the written portion, are eligible to take courses which require an entrance level placement of Upper Intermediate. Students scoring 85% or higher on the multiple choice portion of the Language Assessment Test and 4 out of 5 or higher on the written portion are eligible to take courses which require an entrance level of Upper-Intermediate or Advanced.