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 Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure

iTTTi Vancouver makes every effort to assist students in resolving any substantial disputes in a fair and timely manner and our policy applies to all current students.  Please note that this policy is referring to complaints of a serious nature. This policy outlines the options for the resolution of disputes which could not be resolved at a lower level, and there is no fee for proceding with this process.  A student who registers a complaint is authorized at any point in the process to be represented by an agent or a lawyer at their own expense.  The policy governs complaints respecting iTTTi Vancouver and any aspect of its operations.  Students will not be subject to any form of retaliation as a result of filing a complaint.

Step One :

Speak with the individual/section directly involved with the concern (teacher, homestay coordinator, financial officer, academic coordinator).  If you are not satisfied with the result after this and would like to dispute your claim further, you may proceed to step two.

Step Two :

Speak with the Academic Coordinator of iTTTi Vancouver regarding your concern.  The Academic Coordinator will complete a Student Grievance Form with you.  The Academic Coordinator will review the policies as they apply to your dispute, and consult with appropriate parties and facilitate a resolution. If you are not satisfied with this resolution you may proceed to step three.

If the Academic Coordinator is absent or named in the complaint, the student may complete the Student Grievance Form directly with the school Principal, and the Principal will facilitate a resolution.

Step Three :

Upon request, the Academic Coordinator will bring your dispute to the school Principal.  The school Principal will investigate the dispute and either uphold the previously suggested resolution or propose a revised resolution.

Within 45 days of filing a Student Grievance Form, the student will receive the reasons for the decision in writing.  The school will provide this written document to the student as soon as possible.

If the student is or was enrolled in an approved program, is dissatisfied with the determination, and has been misled by the institution regarding any significant aspect of that program, he or she may file a complaint with the Private Career Training Institutions Branch (www.privatetraininginstitutionsbranch.bc.ca).


iTTTi Vancouver Grade Appeal Policy and Procedure

iTTTi Vancouver allows students the opportunity to resolve disputes about their grades or scores in a fair and timely manner. This policy applies to all current iTTTi Vancouver students. If a student feels their grade or score is not correct they may follow the procedure below. Please note, they must do this within one week of receiving the grade or score.


1. The first step is for the student to discuss their grade or score with their instructor. The student should explain why they feel the grade or score is incorrect. The instructor will review with the student to determine if the grade or score is incorrect or unfair and clearly explain to the student the reason for the grade or score. If the instructor agrees that there has been an error, depending on the nature of the error, the grade or score will be changed.

2. If the instructor upholds the original grade or score and the student is still not satisfied they may appeal the decision with the Academic Coordinator. The Academic coordinator will review the information provided by the student with the instructor and within the context of other factors affecting grade and/or score such as attendance or participation. After reviewing the information the Academic Coordinator will make the decision to either uphold the grade/score the student received or adjust the student’s grade/score through consultation with the instructor.

3. If the student is not satisfied with the decision made by the Academic Coordinator, they may appeal the decision with the school Principal. In this case, the Academic Coordinator will fill out a Student Grievance form with the student and bring it to the attention of the Principal. The Principal will review all of the information and make a final ruling on the grade/score appeal. This process in total will not take more than 1 week.