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iTTTi Vancouver Student Dismissal Policy

A student at iTTTi Vancouver may be dismissed for any of the following reasons:

1. Fees have not been paid in full.

2. Repeatedly violates the iTTTi Vancouver English Only Policy.

3. Causes unbearable disturbances in class.

4. Commits a “punishable by law” crime.

5. Is abusive to staff, teachers or other students.

6. Is lewd, indecent, or displays obscene behaviour.

7. Is in possession of, or selling, dangerous drugs or restricted narcotics on school property.

8. Absent for a period longer than 3 days without notifying the school and providing a doctor’s note.

9. Steals, or purposefully causes damage to iTTTi Vancouver property.

10. Forges, alters or misuses iTTTi Vancouver documents,records or identification or knowingly supplies false information to the school.


Reports of students violating the above codes of conduct will first be investigated by the school principal. If the report is found to be true, depending on the nature of the violation, the student will either be issued with a warning letter or a notice of dismissal. If the student has been issued with a warning letter and opportunities to correct the behaviour but still continues to violate the policies, the Principal may dismiss the student from the school. The iTTTi Vancouver refund policy applies to students who have been dismissed.

iTTTi Vancouver Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal in advance of arrival

Students may withdraw from their program with written notice of reason of withdrawal. If the student is withdrawing due to visa denial, they must supply a copy of the official visa denial from CIC in order to be eligible for the applicable refund. The registration fee is non refundable and depending on the time of the notice of withdrawal the homestay placement fee may also be non-refundable. In the case of students who are withdrawing prior to arrival for other reasons, iTTTi Vancouver will notify Citzenship and Immigration Canada if the student was issued with a Letter of Acceptance that allowed them to get a study permit.

Withdrawal after arrival

Students may withdraw from their program by filling in a Request to Withdraw notice at the front desk. The Academic Coordinator and a school counselor will meet with the student to make sure the student understands the results of withdrawing from their program. If the student proceeds with the withdrawal they will need to provide proof that they are either still lawfully able to remain in the country, or, provide proof (in the form of a boarding pass) that they have left the country. If the student obtained a study permit through an iTTTi Vancouver letter of acceptance, iTTTi Vancouver will notify Citzenship and Immigration Canada that they student has withdrawn from their program. The iTTTi Vancouver refund policy applies to students who withdraw from their programs.