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iTTTi Vancouver Attendance Policy

At our school attendance is very important. Students who do not attend regularly not only miss out on their opportunity to improve, but they also interfere with the learning of their classmates and their instructor's ability to teach efficiently.

You must keep an attendance rate of 80%. If you miss more than 20% of your class time, you may not be eligible for a graduating certificate or diploma. If you must be absent, please ensure that you have a valid excuse (a doctor note may be necessary for longer absences) and that your teacher has been informed. Please call the school if you will are not coming due to illness.

Students who violate the attendance policy will be subject to penalties that range from a warning to suspension to dismissal if their attendance does not improve.


iTTTi Vacation Policy

Students may request one week of vacation for every 12 weeks of registered study. (One week is 5 days from Monday to Friday). You must fill out a vacation request form at least two weeks in advance and get approval from the Academic Coordinator first.  Any exception to these rules must be approved by the Principal of the school.